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Fluttershy Many Views

Just some views of my Chibi Fluttershy =3 --- Want a pony for yourself? Check out my Etsy >> soapybacon.etsy.com


For wanderers and friends

Hi *waves* ...I'm Harley, Harley Quinn. You may have seen some of my work, crocheted, needlefelted, sewn, sculpted, etc. on DeviantArt (where I am known as TheHarley) or perhaps on Etsy (my shop's name is SoapyBacon). I do commission work, but I'll admit it takes me a while to finish sometimes. Of course, if it's a project I'm excited about, I might just do it that day. If you want to contact me, it's best to do it through dA or Etsy because I have a bad habit of not checking my LJ very often.

Thanks for stopping by, here's some pictures of my work for you to look at =3

This is an image heavy entry...click here to see the pictures =3Collapse )

Umbreon Pattern


Here is the finished product... the details (yellow/gold parts) are needlefelted. You can use a different method of attaching these parts (I recommend felt sewed on, if you don't needlefelt). The eyes are red felt, painted, and then needlefelted on (you could sew these on as well).

I used a very lightweight yarn in order to make Umbreon small, but you can use any type you'd like =) Just adjust the size of your hook to avoid gaps between stitches.

I used a 3.25mm hook with a lightweight yarn and stuffed with polyfil. Depending on how big you make yours, you might have to stuff it as you crochet. Keep this in mind!

What you need to know
      -how to make a magic circle, tutorial here
      -sc means single crochet, like this (so 2sc would be 2 single crochets in one stitch, 1sc would be one single crochet in one stitch, 2sc x 2 would be 2 single crochets in each of the next two stitches, 1sc x 5 would be one single crochet in each of the next five stitches...and so on)
      -dec means decrease, where you single crochet two stitches together, tutorial here
      -ch means chain, tutorial here
      -st means stitch, it's just the stitch from the previous row
      -how to finish off, tutorial here
      -anything written between * * should be repeated until the row is finished (unless otherwise indicated)
      -all parts of this pattern are worked "in the round" which means you work in a circular fashion. Most tutorials will say you start "crocheting in the round" with a chain. This leaves a hole in the center of your work, so I prefer the magic circle (also called an adjustable ring). Using a marker of some sort to mark the first stitch in each round will help you. I bought stitch markers at a craft store for a few dollars and it honestly is worth every cent!

Click here to reveal the patternCollapse )
Please let me know if you have any questions!

If you make Umbreon, please give me credit for the pattern...I'd also appreciate it if you wouldn't sell anything made with my pattern (I'm being generous enough to post them for you guys...) I don't care if you give them as gifts, I encourage it =)
ALSO if you have any issues with the pattern, please let me know. I might have copied it down wrong o__o
I'd like to see any pictures of your finished products ^.^

Life is life is life.


I hate the blank space I see on my journal page.

I just don't have the time to write what I'd like to right now.

So I'll update later...